What is it?

Smart API gives you a free, open source software development kit (SDK) which makes creating smart, linked- data capable Internet of Things solutions easy. The SDK features a range of predefined roles that let you set up a new entity in a network and get connected securely in a matter of minutes. To get started, pick a role, autogenerate code with the free SDK, and you'll have the core of the system ready to go.

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Why Smart API?

If you work as a CIO you'll know how hard it is to agree on common data formats and make sure the one you use is future-proof. And yet, unless some common way of working is established, nothing really works. IoT combines so many fields of engineering, from hardware and software to telecommunication and data analysis, that the understandability and usability of data across domains is critical in everything but the most simple projects. To avoid supplier lock in and to make sure everything does not need to be changes when say a telecommunications link is updated you really need to focus on the data itself. Smart API is a solution designed to make that easy.

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Download whitepaper: Smart API for IoT

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Quick links


Live demo

A live system that uses the Smart API infrastructure and data model for communication. Shows examples of local energy production, forecasting, and semantic control of electrical loads. View the demo here


Developer portal

Visualization and editing tools of the Smart API datamodel, the core of interoperable data exchange between systems. Access the portal here


Code repository

The place for all the code. Here you'll find open source code in various languages for your project. Browse the repository

We put semantics to work

  • Dynamic mapping of the network
  • Common language for systems
  • Abstracted concepts for control

Smart API Infrastructure

The Smart API underlying infrastructure uses four basic services to enable the smooth interconnection of ICT systems.

Smart API Find

Smart API Find is a global semantic map of a smart network. It maintains information about interconnected systems: which units are located where, who controls them, which systems from various manufacturers are interconnected in various ways.

Smart API Find is the place where control systems find information provides and where service providers find control systems. It also acts on behalf of the systems in cases where a third party is needed to relay data such as state information.

Smart API Talk

Smart API Talk maintains the Smart API model, the language used to register systems and to have communication between Smart API enabled systems. The service offers developers tools to further develop and roll out versions of the standard and testing facilities for developers who want to support the standard.

Smart API Transact

Participation in various control schemes is voluntary and dynamic in Smart API. When a party wants to offer control services or devices to control, it will publish its intent in the market participation service as a buyer or a seller. The seller is then responsible to perform the action bought by the buyer.

Smart API Transact is a trusted ledger of such actions. With it the parties can prove in a secure fashion that some action actually took place. The ledger records can then be used as a basis for invoicing or other contractual obligations.

Smart API Secure

Smart API Secure issues identities to participants in the form of certificates of identity. It also functions as a central hub for policy distribution, making it possible for previously unknown parties to negotiate changes in the security policies of others.

Developing with Smart API

Development tools

To develop with Smart API, an easy start is to download the SDK and try out the demo code included in the package.

Smart API also contains an extensive set of design tools that help you in setting up the API structure and generating stub code for your particular API.

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Code support

The Smart API connector technology that makes it fast to integrate Smart API compatibility to existing systems is available in multiple languages. Below is the current code completeness index for each language.

Java - - lines
C# - - lines
Python - - lines
C++ - - 0 lines